This is one of the most important days of your life! It is worthy of celebration! It is my desire to bring the beauty of your day to life on canvas. A one-of-a-kind fine art painting, created by an award winning artist with 30 years of experience in portrait, landscape and still life painting. A painting that will remind you of your love and and commitment to one another. A work of art that captures your unique style, that you will treasure for your lifetime and pass along to the next generation.

So how do we get started? We will schedule a phone conversation to discuss the possibilities. What scenes in your wedding would like for me to capture? Do you want a special backdrop like a city scene? Do you want me to paint your bridal bouquet? The ceremony kiss? Or the first dance? Will there be a beautiful staircase or veranda at the venue you want to include? These are all things you can start to think about. And as soon as possible you will secure the date with a down payment. I will then contact your planner to coordinate with them and work together to make your day wonderful!

On the day of your wedding I will arrive several hours early to set up my equipment in an out of the way area where I can see clearly the view of what we have agreed that I will paint. I will start the backdrop of your painting. As the event gets started I will take reference photos and develop the composition. Your guests will enjoy coming by to watch the progress.

Will the painting be finished at the end of the reception? It is possible, but more than likely I will want to work on it a day or two in order to perfect it to the point that I am totally pleased. I need to have a good nights sleep to really see it fresh and make sure it is of highest quality. We will have a plan of when and how to deliver the painting to you.